F&B and the future of of contactless

We all had questions of what it would be like post-COVID, What would it be like going to a restaurant or what would it be like to travel! 
During my recent visit to Mumbai! This was the first visit to eat out at a dining restaurant. 
We all took our seats at the table we reserved and sat down waiting for someone to come and take our orders. 
But, here we were instead handed over a QR Code that we had to scan, browse the menu and for this particular cafe/Restaurant ( Homemade) we placed the order on the web page itself and minutes later the dishes we ordered were served. 
This contactless communication! Was very smooth and hassle-free! 
But, is this the future of not just hospitality but also other business where we will be interacting less with humans and more with technology? 
Will, this not make more of us redundant? 
Will Amazon Go – A shopping experience in the states by amazon where you are billed as you fill your baskets become a reality all over? 
Will online shopping/ Become more of a virtual shopping experience. 
I remember a couple of years ago Rayban had a VR Page on their website. Where you could experience how a particular glasses looked on you. Are we going to see more of us communicating from the comforts of our home and less of ending up at the outlets? 
What about the Spaces/Real estate are we seeing a future of brands having fewer or just one outlet where we can shop (Touch and feel)  and others get converted into warehouses? Isn’t this more like global-localisations? Where we all get connected to being one world? 

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