Stand Up Comedy Acts – Now Streaming!!!



Yes, Sitting at home just watching serious Action, Drama, Mystery movies & shows continuously daily can get tiring, and the News channel also doesn’t help much! 

Travel shows make you a little more anxious about the current situations as you are stranded at home for some while  Others have got very comfortable sitting at home. 

So we decided to Attend Stand-Up Comedy Gigs from the comfort of our home and watched some of the most prominent names in Stand-up Comedy in India – We began with Comedians from the World a series that has a collection of comedians from around the world.  From India, we watched Atul Khatri who is equally good when you watch him live on the stage. Then We continued with Aditi Mittal – This was the first time ever we watched her Act. And let me tell you It’s Bold & It’s capture our patriarchal society and not everyone will like it and could be judgmental about the same “Act” Then Amit Tandon was another act which captures Indian Birthday celebration in a hilarious way. 

But, wait until you watch Your Sincerely Kanan Gill & Vir Das who single-handedly takes standup comedy into a new dimension with each having a special for the streaming site for about seventy-odd minutes. 

Kanan Gill is about a letter he wrote to himself when he was a teenager and it takes you back to school & It reminds you a lot about how kids are in a very very comical style. 

Whereas Vir Das for India makes you question your knowledge on current affairs & your General Knowledge about the country in an intellectual Funny way! 

Trevor Noah is funny too!! And in case you missed out his India tour that got cancelled because of the Pandemic – This is the perfect treat. 

If you want to laugh these are some of the comedians’ gigs worth attending. 

Apart from these, there is Kalyan Biswas, Sapan Verma  & One Mic Stand on Prime Play you could watch & be entertained if you are feeling dull or if you always wanted to attend stand up comedy, but couldn’t and it’s going to take a while before you could go for one. Now is the perfect time to Experience it. 

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