Danak !!! 

Danak a Hindi movie meaning “Rainbow “was released last year in  June , Is now Available on NetFlix India.From a filmmaker who’s movie you might recall but, might not be familiar with his name Nagesh Kukunoor who made “IQBAL” a movie based on a story of a guy who is ambitious about playing cricket but because of him being Physically challenged,Isn’t taken seriously.

Danak is made by him and produced by Drishyam films,A production house supporting low budget movies,With story ideas that would otherwise not be part of the celluloid.

Danak,A story about two Sibling,The brother a 8 years has lost his eyesight and one day while the family goes to watch a movie in the village the sister comes across an Ad saying SRK could help in donating eyes/Operating the eyes.And so she writes a letter to him,A few days later SRK is in Rajasthan shooting for film.

The movie follows their journey,In believing that SRK can only help them,Their stubbornness takes you on an emotional ride,of following their Dream and realising it.

A simple story,Yet effectively delivered on how Bollywood stars are seen as idols for their Fans.

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