Jolly LLB!! 

A franchise of Jolly L.L.B starring Boman Irani and Arshad Warsi,This one is more dramatised as it is Star Oriented and less story Driven.Akshay Kumar as a lawyer did the Job in both ways for the franchise getting a wider audience and getting his Act right.Anu Kapoor the defending lawyer,The replacement for Boman Irani also did a fairly good Job. But,The presence of Boman in the original story was more effective with his performance.The Story and the direction in the original was much more Crisp compared to the franchise jolly L.L.B 2.

The cases too, the drunk driving case in the original and the encounter case in the in the franchise two different cases was good choice of the writer and Director Subash Kapoor.The Music and Song were the focus in the franchise another change, compared to the originals.

Overall if seen as an individual movie,You are forced to think This is how and why our System is corrupt,The story too is released in a time in when justice is getting delivered and there is still hope for the hopeless who have given up on the Judiciary. 

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