Retail in India!!


The Retail Business In India compared to the any part of the world is a challenge for everybody ,not only  the ones coming in to india from International market but also  for the ones within the country.This is because Since India is a country with 29 states and 7 union territories,each having its own culture,Background and traditions which makes it difficult for one organisation in retail to know whether the business will be effective or will it fail.But in all of these states and India one thing is common the size of the product that is available needs to be as small as possible compared to retail business in  United states of America where sizes should be as large as possible.This might be  because we Indians tends to budget our expenditure for our monthly Shopping consisting of Grocery,Personal Care and daily tit -bits.But at the same time we don’t like wasting too much. or may be one of the other reasons that I truly believe might be the reason is of telling their neighbours that I bought all my monthly shopping for an X amount,rather than another X amount otherwise.We like saving and we also ask ourself Do we need so much? Why can’t we buy a smaller or and also if we buy the larger sizes we are unnecessary consuming something we don’t need in that quantity.And we also tend to think that we are being forced to spend an extra amount of money when we don’t need to if we are buying the larger sizes.

Where as in America we  have large sizes,so that we go shopping once a while and not very regularly   in a month,Because we have ran out of the goods and we must now go and shop.Shopping in India is also a way of socialising,where a lot shoppers meet their friends and start catching up with one another. In Usa Indians are programmed  to go every month and shop for  their grocery “Like another Job”.             

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