Kashmir !

The journey from Mumbai started at 9:30 And there are so many people travelling around itself , either to Bangalore ,chennai or kashmir …where we are heading ,it’s supposed to be an economic down turn that our country is going through but it really doesn’t seems to be so or is it just an excuse by people not wanting to spend money.
So it’s 10:40 and time to board the flight .And the flight is full as we expected .
So the journey towards Srinagar begins and we could see so much of snow around the mountains .the top view was so beautiful that we couldn’t wait to get to our final destination (gulmarg)
So while we were passing Srinagar we wanted to have lunch and so first we went to a vegetarian restaurant but we wanted some authentic stuff so we went a little ahead and had authentic Kashmiri meal ,there were kebabs  rice ,gravy of  3 different types and naan.It was such a heavy meal .
Also the restaurant were we ate are lunch made me feel like I was in Pakistan. Since I felt Pakistan would be like this after hearing the description the other day .
While travelling to gulmarg I also felt this what Pakistan might look like .
Also as we arrived to Srinagar there were so many cops,officials around stretching nearly a kilometre outside the airport.
So as we proceeded to our final destination gulmarg we reached a site just 15 km from where we had to go to change the taxi which had chains in tyre since it’s too slippery with the depth of snow
So the next 15 km took quite some time due to narrow lanes and plus the snow forced cars to be stuck .so while waiting in queue to move we witnessed  slight snowfall. It was a feeling like we were abroad and not in India since both the sides had such heavy snow and completely white . it made us feel that only if Kashmir becomes more tourist friendly and developed it will be the best site India can offer to foreigners and give a run for its value for money
With space like a  football ground for skiing ,activities like sledging ,snowboarding , It could just be the best winter tourism destination with xtreme winter tourism .
It’s just the arrival to gulmarg and the first day of our 4 day Kashmir holiday .

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