Toi Litfest 2013

175 Years

The 3 day Toi Litfest carnival concluded today ,which was held in one of the most popular film studio , mehboob studio. It was a wonderful experience once again to have the best under a roof , right from authors like Ruskin Bond,Chetan Bhagat , Ravi Subramanian,Mary Kom the Olympic boxer ,Best directors of Bollywood Vikramaditya motwane,Ananda Gandhi, Ayan mukerjee to just  name a few who were on the panel this year ,It was a opportunity to interact ,to know them better and understand them ,There were quite a few people too ,I too pulled my friends to attend the Carnival and they were so happy that they just can’t wait for it to come back next year ,I hope more and more people keep going for these types of events because they are really interesting and if you  don’t go to experience these you  really are missing something and If there aren’t audience for activities like these the leading newspaper would reconsider getting the event back ,also its at the right time today to see activities and events like these since we are more  exposed,know much more and that these events are beneficial to you ,me since it gives a better perspective and understanding.


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