Flight journey

emirates There have been many airlines that I have traveled by including Cathay pacific ,Lufthansa ,jet airways ,Turkish airlines and now by Emirates and I was dissapointed by there services the first flight to dubai was just perfect but when we left for London the flight ice the entertainment system was troubling a lot in the seven hours journey i had to change a few seats and jut complete a 2hour movie in seven hours ,I also read a few magazines but people who are restless what do they do?
Some people were happy to get sleep ,while other running to get a seat where the system is working ,for a airlines who have won quite a few awards this was least expected and I also wonder are these awards just for there magazines only because there services were slow ,we were done with our meal 2 hours ago and after 2hours they took away our tray .
This was my worst flight journey and also because it was the longest journey on a stretch .

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