The lunchbox

LunchboxThe Lunchbox was a being very hyped for the last two days since it released .And it’s been quite an interesting year for Indian cinema with movies like Bhaag milkha Bhaag ,ship of Theseus and now the Lunchbox ,so today we go and see the movie sitting on the 3rd row corner seat from the screen spending Rs 330 and I have to say it was all worth it.
The idea was good to have a story on how the wrong lunchbox reaches the guy”Irfan Khan”
And how the story evolves when they start writing “Note” and all these to execute and getting just everything right .
The other character “nawaz siddiqui “got life to the movie The movie could have become monotonous and the change in his daily events back from work also makes the movie interesting.
The movie also showed how the life of dabbawalla in Mumbai is .
On a personal note “The movies gives message on life in Mumbai,relationship ,conflicts amongst the character and how life changes with a mistake “kabhi kabhi galat train be sahi jaga pohchati hai
Sometimes even the wrong train can take you to the right direction
Hope you all enjoy the movie .

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