Raanjhanaa poster


the actor dhanush (son in law of most popular star in south india )Rajnikanth ,really  acted well through the movie his first for bollywood not only as lead but as an actor .

and for the actress sonam kapoor ,who has hardly done any movie ,really does act in the movie for a change .

she should try something new  as these period movie  just like mausam ,her last movie ,become slow. making today  audience  restless and making them thinking twice before going for the movie

the music by A.R.RAHMAH was his signature style for you to easily make out its him.

the lyrics by Irshad kamil popular for his rockstar album .

also the movie is a one time watch .but see to it that you really don’t spend much on ticket .

hope this small review ,helps you either just right away go and watch the movie or wait for the time to come. 




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