they learn,we learn
they learn,we learn

today was my journey into the life of teachers .

It was today that i realised ,being a teacher is the same like being a doctor or engineer .Teacher are those who are trained ,who learn a subject that interest them and explain it to the  students in the class,they have to really understand a subject well because they are going to share with not ten but hundred of students over a period of time .And if one fact or information given out is wrong ,just like a doctor doing one mistake can really make a operation unsuccessful ,the same way a teacher teaching a wrong concept ,not knowing her grammar ,content can really risk a students life ,also with the times changing more of the digital age and new curriculum coming in ,the teacher have to adopt different teaching methods and have to have the skill of handling theory matter well and explain application based activity matter well so that it is understood to all.Also as there are different  capabilities of students one’s who are quick learner and other who are slow learner and   not all interested in academic . And to keep there interest alive and make them understand a topic till they haven’t understood can be a big job on the given day .

Also teacher not only educate ,but also get educated with the student around.

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