Morocco 2023!

If you can travel to someplace once it’s a privilege and if you travel to the same place again, you should be lucky!

Five Years ago, when I visited Marrakesh for the 1st time, I wasn’t sure! How the place would be. But, today! It was different!

I could notice what had changed in the last few years. Some of the restaurants we dined at were no more, rather a fine dining restaurant and hotel had now opened at the same spot!

The hotel that was our wedding venue for the event, had now renovated its bar and the Classic vintage feel was replaced by the modern bar design that in some way lost the vibe of the place. The other rooftop space too had another modern bar that was set up in what looked like the banquet space the last time I visited.

The City otherwise hadn’t really changed much! It was the neighbourhood that had a few changes.


A country in northern Africa, that’s very close to Spain. A country that you wouldn’t think about travelling to!

But, having explored most of Europe, America, India and Asia. Africa was something we had not explored.

A nearly seventeen hour journey to reach our destination. 


Driving through the mountains in shades of green to browns, and visiting the sight of black and white mosaic tiles to colourful pillars of the medrasa and detailed work on the walls and in the roofs. This was a city that’s seemed like the most popular tourist city with luxurious hotels. 

The most beautiful sights were the hotel’s La Mamounia & Royal Mansour the gardens with orange and olive trees and cactus and coconut trees on the sides.

Bacha Coffee shop. Right in the Bacha palace is a sight on it’s own, with over 200 varieties of coffee from around the world! This is a coffee heaven for all the coffee lovers with aesthetics you wouldn’t get enough of.

And if driving through the mountains is something you enjoy. You should drive the atlas mountains. An hour and a half journey from the city.


A small town two hours away from Casablanca is worth a visit to catch the beauty of the two seas meeting each other Meditteran and Atlantic sea from the Kasbah view point where you would notice the two shades of blue. To be closer to the sea you can visit Cafe Hafa to enjoy the view with a glass of tangerine juice.

Visit salon Bleu for a Moroccan meal overlooking the Mediterranean sea. 


The film “Casablanca” made not just the city popular but the cafe Ricks too!

Which was recreated after the success of the Hollywood film in Casablanca and opened in 2004 by an American.

The film too was entirely shot in a Hollywood studio and released in 1940.

A film that was based on a play “Everybody goes to Ricks. “

The Hasan II Mosque is one of the largest and most beautiful mosque in the world.

The Granduer is visible from a distance, but only when you are at the mosques you can enjoy the detailing done in the early 1800s 


An old city charm!

An old city with one of the oldest running library in the world  al-Qarawiyyinin thats part of a university Since 859 AD.

A city, that lies right in the centre of the Medina. With lanes reminding of the Grand bazaar of Turkey.

The luggage here is carried in a lorry between the hotels. 

Our hotel Riad Fes was right within the Medina, a palace setting overlooking the whole city of Fes.

Here the trains tracks require crossing over the bridge to go to the other sides of the tracks.

It’s here in Fes, you can visit the tannery’s and witness how the leather is soaked and dried that create your handbags, Wallets, Shoes and a lot more! 

Each of the cities that we visited in Morocco was different from one another.

While Marrakesh had the views of the atlas mountains, Fes had the old town charm. Tangier felt like Europe and Casablanca had the view and vibes of a modern city like LA.


Marrakech to Casablanca (2Hrs 30 Min by train and 3 Hrs by Road)
Casablanca to Fes ( 4 Hrs by train. It’s better to stay overnight at fes)
Casablanca to Tanger ( 2 Hrs by train. You can do a day trip)
Fly to Casablanca with @emirates @etihad and then drive to #marrakech

Visa: E- Visa within two days for the US Visa holders.

Cafés: @bachacoffee #grandcafedelaposte
Stay: @essaadimarrakech
Visit: @royalmansour @lamamouniamarrakech @groupeladresse for medinaview #madrasayoussef

Stay: @fscasablanca
Eat: @rickscafe_Casablanca @lasqala
Cafe : @theespressolab @arabica.journal @arabicamorocco @lesquatrecerises
Visit: #hasaniimosque @rickscafe_casablanca

Eat: @salonbleu.tanger #moroccanfood
View: @cafehafa
Visit : #Kasabhsquare #tangerport

Stay @riadfes
Eat @cinemacafefez
Visit #chouaratannery


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