Silli Chilli -This one was the Silliest.

A comedy of Errors,That turned out to be a tragedy in the end.
As usual,Like everyday I ordered lunch at around 12:30.
And Silli Chilli  our new discovery over the months,Was our favourite Chinese place until yesterday 31st August 2017.
The order arrived around 13:30. And I Had kept staring at the receipt.As I was doubtful about it then itself.
When,We sat for lunch.
It was Garlic Gravy.
To my surprise,I wondered where is the Veg Garlic Rice.
So,I phoned the restaurant and complained.
I don’t know,How this order came.
But,This wasn’t what I ordered.
My colleague and I clearly remember what we ordered.
To sort things out,I admitted.It Could be mine.But,That was just the beginning.
Nikhil From Silli Chilli.Said he would send a wok of the day.And minutes later arrived.
But Chicken wok.
Being Ganpati.The colleague I was sharing with was eating only Vegetarian food.
So,I phoned again and complained again.
He said,He would immediately send me the paneer
I asked the delivery man,How long it would take as it was 14:30now.
He is said about 15-20 minutes.
At 15:00 I phoned again,The guy who I was speaking until now,Was no longer available.So I was in conversation with vishal or Zeeshan….I hardly cared who I spoke to now.Just wanted Food.
Now I was getting furious,So I told him to send Rice asap.He said ok.It would take time,How long? By about 16:00 Hrs…I fumed…Another 45 minutes.Told Him I would not be paying for this order and all.
He said,Sir that won’t be possible.
I could give you a compliment service of 1 portion of Chocolate mouse.
I request could you make it 2.
She said,Ok.
15:45.Calls me again 30 minutes later after,I spoke to him.
Can only give you one Chocolate mousse
I was now loosing my patience and told him.It’s not about the mousse
But about the service.
It’s 16:00 I phoned again… I am not going to be paying for anything at all.
Again he started to argue…He phoned the delivery man and updated him…Not to take any money.
16:20-16:30 Hours…Food finally arrives.The order is wrong again. 
And no complimentary mousse too.
Pathetic…Silli Chilli Never AGAIN

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