The Communist !! 

Neruda- An autobiography movie on the well known poet (Pen Name)Pablo Neruda who was Chilean poet-diplomat and politician who was actually called Ricardo Eliécer Neftalí Reyes Basoalto. The movie was heavyly based on his novel the underground.A great thriller where He (Neruda) is directing A determined police inspector played by (Gael García Bernal) who is searches for Chilean politician Pablo Neruda that’s him  played by (Luis Gnecco) after he goes into hiding in 1948.

The movie was interesting as even during the late 40s-50s the artist expression was under threat and almost 70 years later very little has changed.

The artist even during those times were forced to hide and escape regularly. 

The Movie also made me notice a strange observation ,the artist of the 50s were part of communism,whether it was Dalton Trumbo a well known screenwriter who has written movies like “Spartacus, “”Roman Holiday “” The brave one “and many more.He was even forced to write movies under many Pen names.

Neruda too was being hunted for his influence as a communist and his poetry which occasionally he wrote under many pen names.    

Dalton Trumbo too was in exile for a long time.

 Trumbo and his compatriots would not be permitted to work in the industry, unless they disavowed Communism under oath.

 Trumbo wrote 30 scripts under pseudonyms, for B-Movie studios such as King brothers productions. In the case of Gun Crazy (1950), adapted from a short story.

Trumbo’s role in the screenplay was not revealed until 1992.

 2011, the Guild gave him full credit for the script of Roman holiday.

Coming back to neruda 

On March 4, 1945, Neruda was elected a Communist Senator for the northern provinces in the Atacama Desert .He officially joined the Communist Party of chile four months later.But within no time was forced to go into hiding

Two stories,of two very little known personalities,Who were part of times where the freedom they had was little,But their passion and effort to continue doing what they enjoyed should surely be noted.  

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