The Celluloid!! 

Are we nearing a time when watching movies at cinema theatres and multiplex won’t be fun any more? The recent movie experience made me question.This though.

Why does One watch a movie at cinema rather than watch a movie at home or television? 

Well,It’s not difficult to answer this one,But for the sole reason of watching a film the way it is without 

An unedited version rather than an edited version suitable for family viewing.This not about censoring some portions of the film.

But,About Censoring the abuse language with a Beep.Why? 

Not,That I enjoy listening to them aloud.But the beep takes away the cinematic experience an film

Offers at cinema theatre,Also if this is the case. Then why not download movies and watch from sites across world,We are only encouraging more piracy and looking at numbers not meeting the expected numbers as fewer audiences would rush to a multiplex to catch the latest release. And would wait for it to be premiered on Television.

If this is the case,There would be soon no HollyWood movies releasing at all at the cinemas as they would not see it as a profitable release.

And in time such as Introducing movie on demands via App for audiences to watch movies they have missed out.

This change itself makes you Question don’t we have any Creative freedom at all ? 

Where are we heading ? 

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