18th MAMI(Mumbai Academy of Mumbai Image) FEST recently concluded at Mumbai.A Movie fest that is held every year for the last 18 Years in the City,Screening Best of Cinemas from around the world.

China,Turkey,Polish,French,German,United Kingdom, United States of America,Canada and off course India and many more all under one roof for one week,for the Cinema lovers and Die-hard movie buffs.

I had been trying to attend this festival from the last four years,But due to college assignments deadlines,Work and Pre-planned travel plans couldn’t attend it.But,This year the story was different,even with being busy,I had made my plan to experience the world of cinema all under one roof. In the one week that the festival was held with over 100 movies,conversations,Panel discussion and launches with already a huge audiences to market and publicise the exclusive privilege earned at the festival this Movie/Mela couldn’t get better.

Me with the time in my hand,managed just a mere 10% of entertainment from the 100 % entertainment offered to me.

Oh!Yes I managed just 10 movies in the 7 days (168 HRS) of the festival,And it still did not satisfy me since I missed a good 90% of entertainment. 

Anyways,The 10 movies that I Managed to catch from the festival,Will be shared in my next Post with a complete synopsis and my review of it.

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