The last Few years has seen the growth of Mid-Size Suv segments growing rapidly then ever in India,From Maruti Suzuki to Hyundai to Ford and the Honda all fighting for sales in the same segment and doing very well,But the moment one of these 4 companies has seen the decline of sales,They have planed to introduce a facelift of the same Model.But,With number of customer already making up their mind and taking decisions.Will we see Suv’s once a very niche market today a mass market with competitive pricing as the “New it Thing” .There are more brands not only in the Mid-Size but also in the luxury segment launching Suv’s all around the world from Bentley launching Bentaga ,Jaguar F-Pace coming soon to India and The URUS by Lamborghini getting introduced to the world.Will the Suv’s rule the automobile for another decade? 

Carma will only tell us,What to expect in the near future.

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