One Click !!


One click -book Jeff Bezos and The rise of by Richard L.Brandt ,Its been more than two years since I wanted to read it ,and  I finally got my hand on this book and within a few days ,I lived the journey of amazon and realised there is so much more to amazon then just the E-Commerce website .

Learning about Amazon :

Bezos was   Awarded” Person of the year by Times ” in 1999

The investment with IMDb (InternetMovieDatabase)

The junglee movement -Starting another platform to compare the best prices with amazon .

Zappos accusation to acquire and identifying the threat .

Blue origin -The new project of working on space Ship (Goddard )

Trivia :Goddard ship is named after Robert Hutching Goddard an american physicists credited with building the first liquid fuelled rocket in 1926 

 4 lessons you can learn from amazon for  success of any business 

1.Obsess over customer ,create comfortable ,safe and exciting service for the customer

2.Invent & Reinvent 

3.Focus & focus and not just short term , long term 

4.Challenges- Everyday New challenges helps you and your business grow and tackle problems .

Why one click ? 

its about the one click that was patented by amazon themselves and hence its one click …

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