MacDonald – The founder !


Richard & Maurice McDonald also known as Dick & Mac In 1940 started a BBQ restaurant.But in late 1940s they changed their business as a hamburger stand. Fast forward to 1955 Ray Kroc joined the company as a  franchise agent in 1955  and then began the journey Of Brand MacDonald.

Ever wanted to know structure of the 1st MacDonald built?Why women weren’t employed until 1965? What has happened to the 1st macdonald ?

Did you Know?

1.MacDonald has a Hamburger University located in Oak Brooks,Illinois suburb of chicago.

Which started In 1961, Fred Turner, McDonald’s former senior chairman and Ray Kroc’s first grill man had  founded the Hamburger University in the basement of a McDonald’s restaurant in Elk Grove Village, Illinois.

2.By the time MacDonald went public in 1965  they had 700 stores.Today 50 years later there  are  33,000 serving over 64 million people in 119 countries every day. 

3.And the most shocking  truth is – Women weren’t employed until 1965, nearly a decade since it was founded,Since the founder believed it would get attention of  audience  that would be distracted .

4.The 1st  The original MacDonald  was called the Big M was an octagonal structure built by the brothers in 1940 s a drive-up hamburger stand at 10207 Lakewood Boulevard   at florence Avenue  in  Downey,California 

  5.The  MacDonald  opened by Ray Kroc as a franchise agent  his 1st unit in Des plaines Illinois in 1955 now preserved as a museum .

6. Lou Groen a franchise owner discovered fish-O-Fillet  and the famous Big Mac was invented by  Jim Delligatti.

7.Herb Peterson a franchise in Santa Barbara developed egg muffin. 

8.April  23,1991 Beijing attracted 40,000 customer to the 28,000 sqft restaurant which featured 29 cash registers on day 1. 

9. How did MacDonald succeed in Japan ? They had a joint Venture with Den Fujita the Japanese founder for MacDonalds and on 21st july ,1971 they opened the store and called it Makudonarudo to convince the japanese it was 100 % owned by them .

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