Margarita with a straw 

A movie based on calebral  palsy with Kalki as the lead ,playing the character .movie has quite a few issues addressed in the duration of 102 mins  . One of them being it’s difficult to survive and live  in a country like India if you are not “normal being “,it’s difficult for the family to manage a handicapped person because of the way people behave  and the complete way of living changes if you are physically challenged 

How much ever a physical challenged person tries to live a normal life it’s just not possible .United States of America is the place for all including the handicapped  ,that gives them respect ,individual identity and a freedom to live life in their own terms .The films title Actually comes from when one evening Kalki is out with the “blind” girl and orders a margarita with a straw because she find it difficult to have it without One .and then the story moves to a point where she is confused not yet sure that she is bisexual .The film had quite a few light moments where you could laugh for that moment .
The film industry has tried to focus on each and every medical condition recently ,but the content for the time seems stretched ,if they could just make it more interesting with some more content it could be better ,It was a good movie but could have been slightly shorter by by 15-20 min because the 2nd  half to me was the repetition of the first half .
Watch margarita with a straw for the acting done by the actors .

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