Romance an adventure

Cover Page of "TigerMate"“Romance with a touch of adventure is like being out with a woman with the ocean floating in her eyes!” as quoted by Amrish shah in tiger mate
Romance an adventure
Its just like extreme sports like skydiving where you don’t know how high you would go any how low will you fall down .
Romance is an adventure when you don’t know how deep or shallow can you go .
you don’t understand to what extent you would gamble with life. Just to be with some one you cannot life go by. Romance is like a pack of cards for some with as perfect as those picture cards like king and queen, while for the other its all about the jack .
Romance isn’t anymore the cliché way, but more out of the box, its most expected when you have no expectations and least expected when you have expectations.
Its an addiction for some and a medicine for others.
Even though you try and plan it it won’t really be exactly the way you want it to be .
Romance is the secret that liberates you yet binds together for eternity.
So whats your idea of romance ?

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