Has apple lost the creativity of thinking different ?

The iPhone 6 was launched last night ,and this was the 1st time all rumours about the phone were true ,the phablet size,two phones from the launch ,the features were all true and the “surprise ” element which they were known for was missing .
That was not all ,the phone is more inspired from other mobile companies like HTC,Samsung and Google making me think are all the phones being manufactured by the same manufacturer and just the brand names are changing ?
Also the OS iOS 8 ,I had the opportunity to experience the beta version and same striking similarities with other OS .
What is making apple following other brands ,when they were known to be followed by brands .
The other launch of apple watch $345 price and stylish looking would surely make people aspire to get that on their wrist ,but the other question that was on my mind ,was our we looking at smart watch phones ,in the future ,with everything on are wrist?
The watch was the only surprising launch ,but will it sell because it’s apple or will it sell as a smart watch ,
The launch will be early 2015 ,let’s wait and watch .

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