how long will it work like this?

India the country of billions ,and the focus of the world with many Mncs entering the country ,and the exposure from the world ,the work culture need to change in the country ,when we are given the opportunity to work in corporate,sports,education and hospitality and advertising ,Why are we restricted for are comfort .
In terms like having a dress code for an organisation ,Institute and for that matter any field ,I am trying to put forward an argument of being comfortable in jobs like school,college where we are given strict restriction especially girls to not wear jeans,shirts,T-shirts and instead wear the traditional indian outfits .
Why do we need to follow this.The only consideration you must have is how well or how bad you are doing the job ,and giving you the results of the job you have been given.And how good are you with the job then why insist on having restrictions ?,End of the day its all about the job that you have been given that needs to be done ? If we don’t change the attitude now ,then when will we and its high time we change and follow with the times .Also we must make all the profession look “cool” so that we have more interested in the jobs ,or else we might not have any who would not like to do the job since there are too many restrictions .

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