brief history of soft drinks

1798 the term soda water was first coined

Þ   1810

First US patent issued for the manufacturing of imitation mineral water .

Þ   1819

The “soda fountain” patented by Samuel Fahnestock

Þ   1835

The first bottled soda water in the US gets to the market.

Þ   1851

Ginger ale created   in Ireland

Þ   1861

The term pop was first coined

Þ   1874

The first ice-cream soda is sold

Þ   1885

Charles Aderton invited the drink Dr.pepper In texas

Þ   1892

Willam  Painter invented the crown bottle Cap

Þ   1898

Pepsi –Cola invented by Caleb Bradham

Þ   1934

Applied colours labels first used on soft drink bottles

Þ   1952

The first diet soft drink called the N0-Cal beverage sold

Þ   1957

The first aluminum cans used for soft drinks

Þ   1962

The pull ring  tab first marketed by the Pittsburgh brewing company .

Þ   1965

Soft Drink in cans dispensed from vending machines

Þ   1970

Plastic bottles  used for soft Drinks

Þ   1973

The Pet bottles were created

Þ   1974

The stay on tab sealing bottles invented & Introduced

Þ   1981

The talking vending machine was introduced



  popular way of serving a soft drinks in cinema

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