I recently read a few article on  celebrities from different category & genre .And to my believe in India ,they are seen as a different  breed of people .They are seen as ones like the God .

they are the people ,who can make mistake but should be punished (thats how the people in industries see them)

because of our system we tend to take a lot of time in giving justice & injustice .

and once a decision is taken there are many to give in their views specially when they are high profile cases.

and the decision was passed or would be passed against a big star of india .

there were all by his side.

Now the point is .

why are celebrities seen as exception . when they have  fans blinding following them ,they should too think about before they end up doing something wrong.

the laws is same for everybody right .or are there any specials laws for celebrities in the world .

they eat food ,we too,they sleep,we sleep .we do a mistake we have to pay for it .

when they do .they try to run away from it .

why cant they pay for their mistake too.

are they worried loosing their stardom

they should have thought about it earlier before committing the crime.

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