THE TAB-LET

who in the world would have thought of a computer that will be “used full”  from its looks.Its note book size and as light as a mobile and easy to carry.well its was apple, steve jobs that discovered it and that the world knows it  as THE “iPad” with features that no one would imagine in a  small note book like this .with apps from all categories and genre and apps like the  iPhoto,iMovies,photbhoot,safari web browser ,iTunes to the Usp:of the products being user friendly and having an innovate app like FaceTime to chat with family member ,friends and all those who have an apple in there pocket,bag or @ home or office.The introduction of this masterpiece had followers from big mobile companies like samsung,blackberry,and the upcoming surface from microsoft but who ever tries to come up and compete with apple would fail as “apple”is original and they are copycats. also the TAB-LET has made it easy for employees,students to carry a device where ever they go not only for entertainment by music and games but for presentation and work but the only drawback is it only work on wifi and yes most of the apps only on on wifi .it also does not have cd drive and usb to connect pen drive and another drawback is you need another pc incase u think well i just need a iPad so think different.and make  full use of it.

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