Moonlight -A movie Review

The much talked about movie at all the award ceremonies was released for a select Indian audience two weeks before it officially releases in the theatres this week and it doesn’t fail to disappoint moviegoers as it delivers a story that was needed to be told with subtle dialogue to fill the gaps that you might come across at the end.The movie ends as a cliffhanger for the audience to interpret the ending.A movie set in Miami and the plot revolving around A African American man surviving at Miami with inner conflicts to deal with.The Movie is based on the play In moonlight ‘Black Boys look blue  Boys ‘by Tarell Alvin McCraney’And shows the Central characters in three stages of his life and each showing more and telling about the character.A great way of moving the story ahead.A must watch for an Audience looking out for offbeat story.

The Good Road

"The Good Road"

The Good Road was a movie in 2013
Yes , I got to watch the film which  was selected as the entry  for the best foreign language for the 86th Academy awards .
 but was  not nominated. and So I also saw whether it made sense to send this movie or the other movies like Lunchbox and Ship of theseus.And so here my personal view on this . 

 The film is where several stories are intertwined with the center of the action being a highway in the rural lands of Gujarat  near the town of  Kachch.

The Story of a boy who is lost and then found while his family is on a holiday trip to Kuchch
Sonali Kulkarni, remember pooja in Dil  Chahta hai. Yes she is the mother of the boy who goes missing and is one of the cast 
 and also the movie shares a message of how we (Indians ) are very connected emotionally with our families . And how over time even the people who didn’t like the people become so close to each other that they find it difficult to say goodbye .
Also I always wondered how one could grip the audience for a movie on road journey, but it was interesting and Its good to know that the upcoming filmmaker,director are willing to take the risk of experimenting .