Bang bang

The offical adaptation of the Hollywood flick knight and day ,in casting Tom cruise and Cameron Diaz .The bollywood version “bang bang ” released on 2nd oct with hrthik roshan and Katrina kaif .the movie had quite a lot of similarities and the action was true Hollywood style ,the first half being a little slow and the overall movie could have had been cut to 20-30 minutes .Bang bang also Siddharth anand ‘s movie after 5 long years (director of films like “anjaana anjaani “,”salaam namaste”,”tara rum pum” and bachana ae hasseno”) all romantic comedy and then experimenting with a genre like action seems to have have worked well ,also with good music,super star cast and the location so beautiful shot seems to be the ingredient of a Hit film
So please do go and watch this movie this weekend .

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