United airlines -Never again.

United airlines !
If you thought that’s it’s only India air India that delays the journey ,think again,because the united journey have been really unpleasant ,right from our Zurich flight ,being delayed for 3 hours to our flight from Newark ,to San Francisco and from San Francisco to Las Vegas and now from Las Vegas to Los angles all have been delayed from about 1 hour to 2 hours ,well that’s not all the flights do not include meals ,entertainment screens ,and a few of them too charge for your luggage to be carried ,also it was this airline which did not let us take handbags from Newark to Sanfrancisco since the space had been fully occupied ,but when you have given passengers the benefit to carry a carry on bag per person ,you should at least see how can the benefit still being given to them in a fully occupied flight .
Seriously it’s all the same everywhere and that’s what travel teaches you ,that’s whether it’s the people ,country or a an airlines everything and everywhere is the same ,some realise it early ,while other get to know about it a little late .
But it’s never too late .Just when the holiday was coming to an end
The biggest shocking moment came while coming back to India ,on the flight to Frankfurt which was an 11 hour united flight which did not have the entertainment screen on the seats .How can long international flights not have services like these ?,Indian government airlines are surely much better than the U.S airlines and so I have come to the conclusion
This is undoubtedly the worst airline I have been on .

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