FIFA WC 2014!!!

The FIFA world is just around the
There are a few sorts of people who watch mega events like FIFA World Cup ,there are few who watch it for their favourite star player by supporting there country ,there are few other who watch it because it’s the latest trend in the world ,there are also a few who watch it since the World Cup comes once a year while the rest about whom this article is really about are the one who might be supporting teams because they might be loving the food of the country.
corner and so all the fans just can’t wait to get all the actions but why are they supporting a particular team are they supporting Spain because of good Spanish food ,or are they supporting Italy because they love piazzas ,or is because they love wine and are supporting France or last but not the least ,they are supporting Germany because the sausages are just to die for ,or is it the host team Brazil for the love of the country .and this is because they really like the food or is it because they are class teams with classy players anyway
Enjoy the Brazil FIFA World Cup 2014.
Trivia : The FIFA world-cup was not held between 1942&1946 because of Second World War.

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