Is 16 really sweet for Indians in India ?

Was just browsing online for a thought on 16th birthday and felt that
16 is such a overrated birthday in India ,I mean if you are 16 here nothing changes .you just become a year older ,where as in the west ,16 is celebrated as a landmark birthday because you get your official driving license ,you are off to university and leaving your house to become much more independent ,where as in India you get the driver license at 18,get to vote at 18 and you are still quite dependent and not independent .
So is 16 really a landmark birthday for the Indians in India ? Or is it 18 that counts here .And 16 is considers sweet that it.

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2 thoughts on “Is 16 really sweet for Indians in India ?

  1. It’s tradition and culture rather than 16 or 18. in India even if you are 20 it doesn’t special. but i think you should enjoy your 16 birthday rather than waiting for driving license or voter card, they are secondary.


    1. Thank you. For voicing your view on this topic .I was just wondering what’s the Hype around 16 and this is the closest I could come to .
      Your view is appreciated .


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