The Saturday experience

Today ,we were leaving mumbai for the long weekend …. For home ,so we go towards the domestic airport to meet the driver ,at 9:30 am who would be dropping us home .and just finding the driver near orchid hotel ,finally found him and left for the journey home ,it was towards stellar data recovery that we accidentally met with a two wheeler accident ,and later while going through a narrow lane ,where the bikers met with the accident ,with a bunch of people gather around ,telling us to pay the damage ,being no fault of ours ,after a dispute we settled the matter @a cost of ₹500 ,till we went to collect our Harddrive and got it back soon as we ran back from the office since we felt they were creating an issue again ,just a kilometre later I realised that my black bag was missing which was quite important .
So while we tried to recollect called stellar ,no it wasn’t there and so just trying to solve the mystery and pretty sure the guys must have taken the bags but in no time in disappears and what shocking is I was in the car all the time ,how did it go ?
It’s like all my past in going ,part of it has gone in the last ten twelve days
Hoping there aren’t anymore shocks today.there are still 12hours for the day to end .
And finally the 3 and a half hour journey ends in six hours.

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