Queen -The movie Happy women day to all the Queen of the world in there on way .

The movie was about how a girl is dejected as her wedding is cancelled ,as the boy (rajkumar Rao) doesn’t seems to be interested in her ,since everything is decide the family is really worried and cancel the bookings , except one , the honeymoon which she (kangana ranuat ) wants to go , to Paris and Amsterdam .I’ts on her honeymoon journey where the movie shows how difficult it can be for a traveller
for the 1st time and the challenges faced of languages and change in culture ,the movie is set quite realistically and the actors too have done a good job especially kangana ranuat since the movie is all about her.
The movie Also shows how her new friends are part of her life ,and how when she gets used to the culture the guy comes back in her life apologising her for his mistake and is surprised to see her change so much and giving her new friends more importance than him.
It’s ends with that people want to be like this ,but think too much before doing anything .

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