Starting up!

The USA!
Most of the trends and innovations come from there! And that might be because they are trying to solve the sustainability issue’s with simple solutions. And it’s not just one category they are solving problems .They are solving most of the problems that they think matter.
A start-up ‘clove ‘had the idea of finding a solution for the healthcare to have comfort while being on their toes and launched a shoe that is easy to clean, fashionable, Stylish and you can stand with it for hours.
And then you have ‘stoggles’which are fashionable, Stylish frames that are anti Fogg and affordable again mainly targeting the healthcare sector.
Then you have’ Huue ‘a denim ware start-up brand that aims to make denim by converting sugar into indigo dye a sustainable way of making denim.
Another start up ‘Rothys ‘is a footwear start up that is making shoes by recycling single use of plastic bottles! One pairs of shoe takes about 20 odd plastic bottles.

Start up with great possibilities!


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