Festive Season – Made in India!! #3

Swami: A Tonic Water brand that has established itself as the best tonic water with flavours like Cucumber & Grapefruit. And also offers regular ( Original, Light and 3 Cal tonic water ) the brand also has got into non-alcoholic beverages like Rum Cola, Gin & Tonic and Pink tonic. They also have Ginger Ale. The taste in Swami is a little drier compared to Schweppes tonic water and Ginger Ale. Your immediate reaction to the taste would be less sweet, but this is a good option for cocktails. Sepoy & Co and 
Bengal Bay are the other two competitors for tonic water but aren’t very popular in the metro cities like Mumbai & Pune yet. 
&Stirred: Looking out for cocktails mixes? This is the one you should try for sure with classic options like Whiskey Sour, Kamikaze shots, Mojito, Cosmopolitan, Margarita, Pina Colada are worth giving it a try for home parties if you want to have the same experience as having home bartenders. 
There are options like Moscow Mule, Hibiscus Cosmo too.  Starting from ₹50. 
The other option is Jimmy Cocktails that are also available for you all to try. 
Hapusa Gin: Gin has become popular alcohol to have been produced in India, Goa Hapusa & Greater than were the first two brands from the Nao Spirits company. And after it’s rising popularity there were many more who joined the league. Hapusa has an Earthy bold palate, fresh wildflower on the nose with a long smoky finish.₹3500 for Hapusa whereas Greater than has a clean taste from juniper and fresh lemon peel with a zing the finish of ginger. ₹1450 
Other Gin Options from India are below. 
  • Stranger & SonsYou can experience soft notes from the citrus peels, especially from the Gondhoraj lemons. The drink is smooth and warm-bodied from liquorice and a strong cinnamon-like finish from the cassia bark.₹2600
  • Samsara Gin:A floral and citrusy notes along with a subtle hint of spicy earthiness ₹1350
  • Jin Jiji India Dry Gin : Has botanicals such as Tulsi and Chamomile flower and Jin Jiji Darjeeling India Dry Gin, a tea-inspired Gin ₹2200
  • Pumori: Contains a melange of varied flavours including orange peel, aniseed, vanilla, liquorice, nutmeg, cardamom, lemon peel, Himalayan juniper, almond and cinnamon among others.  ₹1750
  • Tickle Gin: Comes in two variants – their Signature Gin that leaves hints of coriander, lemon peel and ginger on the tongue, and the Raspberry Bakewell Gin made from fresh raspberries that give it a fruity and sweet taste followed by flavours of juniper and cassia ₹650
  • Jaisalmer: These include everything from coriander to Darjeeling green tea. A refreshing spirit, Jaisalmer is a must-try for gin enthusiasts. ₹3500
  • Terai Craft Gin: ₹2000

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