Drishyam -Movie review !!

Dhrisyam ,is a remake of a Malayalam film with the same title .But the Bollywood movie has Ajay Devgan ,Tabu and Rajat kapoor as known faces .The film is about how Ajay Devgan and his family .How they play up with the system of Indian police force ,by making it so believable and convencing for the police that they weren’t part of anything and we’re completely clueless for the next 100minutes which keeps the audiences on its toes ,till the very end And just when you believe the family will be caught in its act and then …there is a twist ,the movie begins slowly ,but after interval catches on .The background music creates the tension at the right moments .At some point you believe the movie could be cut short a little bit .But overall it is a must watch ,the actor couldn’t get better .Ajay Devgn role of being on the other end ,helped him in being the hero .and he knew how to shake the system .The director Nishikant Kamat has done a job ,entertaining the audiences with a thrilling story .

You could enjoy the movie better if you would have better audience siting next to you and not playing it aloud on what they thought happens .

Last but not the least the prominence of being a failure academically ,by not even completing the 4th grade ,just told us how much people underestimate people .

To conclude the complete post ,the movie also spoke about how visual images can be  used not only to learn the tricks & tips ,but a medium to learn a lot about everything .

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