Is that why its called Asha?

The phone

Ok.Today finally after a month i had gone to buy a phone.That too i zeroed on a Nokia Asha 501 as i needed a phone desperately (this one would be my temporary phone) and since there were a lot of TVC being broadcasted, i have to admit i was influenced to buy this phone .So finally in the evening i bought the phone Nokia Asha 501 and was impressed with Nokia advancing with the micro sim.But ,no there is more…. i searched for whatsaap on the phone Since that was the main app I needed , which to my surprise wasn’t there on the  Nokia app store for Asha 501.

I just felt disappointed,cheated that a phone which has just come into the market , one  would expect to have these apps. Also Foursquare was there in the app store .But no Whatsaap .

Also now  I understood what do they mean when people say you know Nokia is gone they   are only a few mobiles companies which can be relied on .I am sure Nokia isn’t anywhere close to it .

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