Shaakaहारी !! 

Travelling with Vegetarians, It’s a real challenge ,limited choices to choose from.
A vegetarian would start from the oil used for cooking,Sure right fish oil isn’t getting used.

For them Salad is their main course and snack.

If Italian isn’t part of the menu 

The whole process begins…. What to order? 

A vegetarian would land up eating the same thing for lunch and dinner.

A vegetarian doesn’t have the options of not liking any vegetables.And if they do they are truly following ‘The Moto stay hungry,Stay foolish’

A vegetarian diet is so full of Dairy products,Too much of something would keep them healthy always !

A vegetarian’s Best Friend is Another vegetarian and only a Jain friend would always land up as an acquaintance.

A non-Vegetarian can be friends with vegetarian friends only if they dine or lunch at restaurant which has both options and not either one of them.

A vegetarian from West Bengal can be a googly for some as Fish is considered Vegetarian here.


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