Elon musk -Book review !!

Elon musk -The billionaire CEO of Space X & Tesla by Ashlee Vance gives you a insight of the man who dreamt about a future ,which many believed to be only a dream .He Succeeded on his terms and has given an aspiration to many out there ,who couldn’t have thought that the future would be presented to them so soon .With Tesla and
space xElon musk makes you interested in science related to Information & Technology but also for automobile and The science behind building rockets.

The book also shares his struggles in personal and professional life and his dream to Make It in America ,By leaving his roots behinds in Africa ,Oh! Just shared a trivia from the book .

The only thing that Elon musk followed was his intuition all the way through till it became a reality .

If you still haven’t heard about him or  know about him ,I recommend read the book soon.

*He is also one of the TIME’s most influential man for the year .

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